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To make searching the Digiplay Games Research Bibliography a little easier, registered users can now use a simple form which will just return pages from the bibliography.

If you are currently logged on you will be able to see a form towards the top of the right hand column of this page - conveniently labelled 'Biblio Search'. Just enter your search term and press 'Search Bibliography'. This works for names, titles and abstracts.

Screenshot of biblio search form


We've been spending quite a bit of time tweaking the website here at the Digiplay Initiative recently.

Ironically, if the job has been done well most people won't notice the changes but we've been updating modules, tweaking user permissions and playing around with glitches in the style sheets.

Visible changes include...


Image of reCaptcha dialogue boxAfter a brief honeymoon period when we first opened up the web site for non-registered members to post comments, the tidal wave of spam to the site started. You know the stuff, adverts for casinos, viagra, doctoral degrees and such like.

Most of it was caught before being published on the site with the nifty little spam filtering software we run here at Digiplay but even so, deleting 100+ spam messages a day rapidly got a little tiresome. But a solution is at hand...


Not content with letting you know which references are read the most Digiplay know lets you know which references from the Digiplay Games Research Bibliography are the most popular. We've got a new voting system where you can rate a publication using a five star scale.

Image of biblio rating


Here at the Digiplay Inititative we're constantly on the lookout for new ways to spread the new about digital games research. So when we found a way to integrate Google's translation service into the site we thought we'd give it a go.


Here at Digiplay we're trying out allowing users who aren't registered on the Digiplay site to post comments online.

We've not done this previously in an attempt to avoid having the site filled with automated spam about online casinos, Viagra and the like. However, we've now installed a small widget which asks you for the answer to a simple question in an attempt to try and sort the people from the robots.

It's not entirely spam proof, but hopefully it will allow us to open things up a bit and we'll keep an eye on how things develop.

Here's a little curio which might be more interesting than useful...

The Digiplay games research bibliography contains a broad collection of keywords from journal and other papers relating to digital games. What we've started to do here at Digiplay is copy all those keywords into a database and look at what a tag cloud made from them might look like.

Image of booksThe move of the Digiplay digital games research bibliography to this new Digiplay site is now finished and online!

We've gone through every gaming reference whether it be a journal paper, chapter of conference presentation and checked it, removed duplicates, updates abstracts and added URLs to the full paper. This means that we now list a total of 1933 citations in our games bibliography database.

Image of booksThe second lot of updates to the Digiplay digital games research bibliography has been completed! With the addition of references from authors 'M' through to 'R' we now have a total of 1493 entries in the games bibliography database.

Image of booksThe first part of the the major update of the Digiplay digital games research bibliography is complete! References from authors 'A' through to 'L' have been added to the bibliography giving details on a current total of 1181 books, journal papers, chapters, dissertations, conference papers and reports about games research.