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Cover of Fake Nation report This report is the published summary of work we undertook on the consumption of counterfeit goods including digital games and internet piracy.

The publication details the background, empirical and analytical research undertaken during the Intellectual Property Theft and Organised Crime research project (IPTOC) and provides a robust insight into contemporary consumption of counterfeit/pirated goods and illegal downloading in England and Northern Ireland.

Image of booksThe move of the Digiplay digital games research bibliography to this new Digiplay site is now finished and online!

We've gone through every gaming reference whether it be a journal paper, chapter of conference presentation and checked it, removed duplicates, updates abstracts and added URLs to the full paper. This means that we now list a total of 1933 citations in our games bibliography database.

Here's a little curio which might be more interesting than useful...

The Digiplay games research bibliography contains a broad collection of keywords from journal and other papers relating to digital games. What we've started to do here at Digiplay is copy all those keywords into a database and look at what a tag cloud made from them might look like.

Image of booksThe second lot of updates to the Digiplay digital games research bibliography has been completed! With the addition of references from authors 'M' through to 'R' we now have a total of 1493 entries in the games bibliography database.

Image of booksThe first part of the the major update of the Digiplay digital games research bibliography is complete! References from authors 'A' through to 'L' have been added to the bibliography giving details on a current total of 1181 books, journal papers, chapters, dissertations, conference papers and reports about games research.

Image of booksBig changes are underway with the Digiplay games research bibliography .

We are giving the full database a thorough clean to get out those nasty things such a multiple entries for the same games research reference, inconsistent capitalisation, and messed up author names.

As part of this processes we removing all the references online so we've got a clean slate to work with.

First of all you need to be a registered user of the Digiplay web site. To do this, click on the 'Create new acccount' text by the log in box on the left.

Image of booksThe Digiplay games research bibliography is the largest database of academic and research articles on game freely available on the web. The Digiplay bibliography of computer games research has gone through several changes in its lifecycle. This version is the newest but still undergoing continual updating.

Fully integrated into this new Digiplay web site, the bibliography contains in the region of 2000 references to papers, books, theses and conference papers on computer, video and digital games research. Multidisciplinary in nature, it includes references across the whole range of fields including sociology, psychology, computer science, education, literary studies, health sciences, economics, media studies, and law and so forth from 1949 to the present day.

The Digiplay Initiative is a research collective specializing in consumer research in the areas of digital games, adoption of technologies, online well-being and intellectual property crime. It undertakes commercial and academic research as well as providing online information services to the research community.

Presentation slide As part of "Computer Games: Learning meaning and method" which took place at the London Knowledge Lab on 26th January Jason Rutter was invited to present on games research methods.