Why should I register on the Digiplay Initiative web site?

Registering with the Digiplay site is not only good for your soul but offers a range of added functions to the site. For example you can:

  • Use the advanced site search tools
  • Post comments to items on the site including bibliography references, stories and polls
  • Customise your menus
  • Make use of the WYSIWYG editor for your messages
  • Contact Digiplay directly using our web form
  • Customise your account

For our bibliography of digital games research you have the added ability to:

  • Filter the references by author, publication type and year
  • Search the bibliography by keyword
  • Export references in a range of formats
  • Add references to the bibliography
  • Edit you own games research references

Creating and account is free and easy. Just click on the ‘Create new account’ link on the left of the page and complete the form by providing a username and email address.

You will be sent a confirmation email to the address you supply containing your temporary password. Simply confirm your details by clicking on the link in that email and choose your own password.