Digital Games Courses

The options for studying digital games at degree and postgraduate level are constantly increasing and widening. We've collected a list of some of the options available. In the UK the definitive list of university courses can be found on the UCAS website. Try searching the UCAS database for 'games courses', 'interactive media' or 'animation'.

Registered users of the Digiplay site can post details of their own courses using the Comment box below or emailing us using the site contact form.

MSc in Mobile Games Design

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MSc in Mobile Games Design and M-Commerce Systems
Lancaster University, UK

Lancaster MSc

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Thanks for letting me know about this MSc course.

I've added the course to the list above and a link to the full details on the Faculty of Science and Technology's web site at Lancaster. There is also a listing for it in Lancaster's Department of Communication Systems -

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