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Image of booksThe Digiplay games research bibliography is the largest database of academic and research articles on game freely available on the web. The Digiplay bibliography of computer games research has gone through several changes in its lifecycle. This version is the newest but still undergoing continual updating.

Fully integrated into this new Digiplay web site, the bibliography contains in the region of 2000 references to papers, books, theses and conference papers on computer, video and digital games research. Multidisciplinary in nature, it includes references across the whole range of fields including sociology, psychology, computer science, education, literary studies, health sciences, economics, media studies, and law and so forth from 1949 to the present day.

Registered users have the added benefit of being able to:

  • Search/filter the bibliography to find just the article you are looking for. You can search the computer games research bibliography by author, year, keyword or publication type.
  • Export references from the video games bibliography to a format suitable for your own work. Options currently include tagged and XML for Endnote users and BibTex for the rest of the world.
  • Post comments to discuss the paper or alert fellow researchers to other resources.
  • Add their own references using the 'create content' -> 'biblio' option in the block on the left.

The cleaned, trimmed and generally spruced up for the new version of the Digiplay games research bibliography can be found at

You can keep up to date with all the new additions to the bibliography by subscribing to our RSS feed, adding it to your Firefox live bookmarks or even publishing the feed to your own site and see what's currently the most popular citations in the bibliography are at

For those of you who think in a more Web 2.0 fashion that us old folk who still do lists we're developing a games research tag cloud based upon keywords listed in the bibliography.

Please let us know if you are suing this resource, find it useful, are recommending it to your students, or have any other comments to share.


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